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The Township of Union Board of Education believes that every child is entitled to an education, designed to meet his or her individual needs, in an environment that is conductive to learning. State standards, federal mandates, and local goals or objectives, along with community input, must be reviewed and evaluated on a regular basis to ensure that an atmosphere of learning is both encouraged and implemented. Furthermore, any disruption to or interference with a healthy and safe educational environment must be addressed, corrected, or when necessary removed in order for the district to maintain the appropriate educational setting.


This is the Board (or group) public page.  Use it to provide information. 

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Notification of Meetings:

Meeting notices are published in the Union County Local Source Newspaper.  You may sign up for an e-mail notification using the block on the left.  You will receive a confirmation e-mail and must click on the link in the e-mail to complete registration.

Public Comments at Meetings:

You may request a form from the Board office, which must be submitted prior to the meeting, if you wish to participate in the public comments portion of the meeting. 



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